Strategic Sales Training

Executive Sales Training


Sales training methodology that creates TOP performance in sales and negotiation

  • Executive Sales is intended for executives, sales force and consultants – to all who are responsible for business development, high profitability and effective sales! This training methodology creates TOP performance in sales and sales negotiation! This is all about the smart way!
  • Executive Sales   - training process is developed and implemented in the way that helps to achieve high sales and profitability targets into organizations. This is not one time or campaign training session, because such an approach has shown its ineffectiveness in long period of time.  We realize, that each organization has different challenges – that’s why we do research before the training starts. Such an approach guarantees the best results with specific solution to your organization!
  • Executive Sales  breaks the regular approach to sales and negotiation. Before developing this training program, there was made a significant, very deep and detailed research on market of sales trainings (programs, pluses and minuses, effectiveness), customer satisfaction (including corporate buyers and how do they react and think about different sales approaches, in different hierarchy levels), science of psychology (individuals, groups), behavior, logics and experience of practice and implementation. Sources also include experience of top sales performers, sales training approaches, sales management, sales strategies and tactics, sales science and psychology as well as “Harvard Business Reviews”. This methodology proves and uses the paradigm of Pareto:  20/80 principle in sales as well. You should focus on those customers, who will purchase – not the rest at early stage!
  • Executive Sales  – training program offers methodology , that will help you to achieve high sales results and profitability. It will help on how to precisely position yourself (as an expert, individual), how to create value for you and for customer, how to create win-win in long-term.
  • This is not only about theory on how to sell and communicate, but it contains such a key elements like: sales and communication skills, logical and critical thinking, psychology. All this plays significant role into long-term relationship development between you and your customer.
  • Executive Sales  – training process consists of 3 cornerstones:
  • Successful development of sales possibilities – how to attract new customers, how to develop sales solutions, development of sales plans, sales calls, market and customer investigation (intelligence), how to create and develop win-win (long-term) partnerships.
  • Successful sales negotiations – new approach on how to help to develop the customers’ business with your portfolio. How to investigate the real demands and expectations of your customers. How to ask difficult but very necessary questions. How to structure the negotiation process that will be based on customers’ demands and real problems.
  • Successful sales argumentation and solution presentation – how to develop proposal/offer and how to present it, how to create positive attitude and turn it into closing phase.