Strategic Sales Support

Strategic Sales Support and Management

Xstature provides outsourced expert level support for strategic sales and sales management.

We help companies improve sales and solve sales problems starting with the very first conversation. Even as we’re getting to know your company and performing a rapid diagnostic, we will begin to validate your pipeline and help on tactics how to close deals that are on the peak. Our full spectrum sales improvement solutions include sales coaching and advisory services as well as sales training.


Main areas of support:

  • Strategic and large corporate sales projects
    • Very common situation in large, important and complicated corporate sales projects – stacking  in some of sales phases and no clear strategy (what to do) on how to proceed and lead this project to wining close and delivery
  • Review of sales strategy and planning
  • Development of sales tactics and strategy for specific, complicated project and product/services
  • To help you to become a TOP performer in sales - it is proven that only 1 of 10 companies are top performers in sales. Next 3 are doing well (but there can be made significant growth), next 3 are standing still without any development, and the last 3 are going backwards.
  • Sales plan development and implementation

Our expertise will help you to identify the problem and we will help you with next step tactics and strategy to close the deals and to move on to delivery or implementation.

It has proven that external expertise significantly increases the rate of closing deal!

We see what you might not be able to see – and we do share it